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Our Story

Yun Gui Hanfu is a London business focusing on clothing and accessories inspired by traditional Chinese culture, aesthetics and craftsmanship. But also keeping it in line with the modern city lifestyle inspired by local Londoners.
Our products include Hanfu, the traditional clothing item for Han Chinese with features including exquisite gold woven fabric, luxurious embroidery, and dashing silhouette; “thousands silk thread” flowers designed and handmade by British Chinese immigrants and students; gold and silver plated hair pins with intricate designs; jade bracelets and bangles; bamboo fans; “Wuxia” inspired handbags and much more.
We also organise Chinese cultural events for special occasions, such as traditional Chinese holiday-themed events. In which we dress up in our traditional attire Hanfu, eat traditional food and do traditional activities with some modern twists.

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Our Story

Yun Gui Hanfu started as a student enterprise in the Old Spitalfields Market in Shoreditch in 2021. Our core members Tao, Meiqing, and Muyu are all Chinese culture lovers and Hanfu enthusiasts.
It all started from an idea Tao had when he was doing his dissertation on Creative Enterprise. When brainstorming ideas, he thought about his passion for the rich cultural background he came from. Research revealed that there was no existing business with a focus on traditional Chinese clothing and culture from a young generation’s perspective. “Why can’t we start something that represents our roots and our vision in the modern world?” This idea brought us together, and Yun Gui Hanfu was born in the vibrant and diverse scene in Shoreditch.

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Our Story

Since established in 2021, Yun Gui Hanfu stayed unique and grew steadily but always with an intimate approach to appeal to local customers and Londoners with Chinese backgrounds. We have been a regular trader at Old Spitalfields Market, which is one of the biggest markets in London. Our participation in the market’s Chinese New Year celebration brought rich culture and a festive atmosphere to the market. During the two days event, we welcomed thousands of Londoners to celebrate Chinese New Year in our ancient Chinese inspired festive stall. We have also collaborated with the vintage brand Gong Nong Bing and held two successful pop-up stores in the heart of London: Charing Cross and Piccadilly Circus.
Our small steps also brought media attention. We were interviewed and featured in more than 10 local, Asian held independent media. We also had collaborations with Chinese students-led TikTok pages with millions of followers online. The story of Yun Gui was even trending on Chinese social media Weibo at one point. But even with all the spotlights, we endeavour to stay true to our original cause: to bring Chinese culture to the diverse cultural scene in London for local people, and to tell our stories as young Chinese people living in the UK.

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